Better Together Health 2016
Patient Expectations and The Accountability Gap
June 15, 2016
The Center for Total Health, Washington, DC
Nielsen Survey Shows Gaps in How Patients Are Experiencing Accountable Care
Care Coordination Improving, Technology and 24/7 Access Not Widely Available, and Preventive Primary Care Critically Lacking
Watch How Jesus' Severe Diabetes was Controlled with Coordinated Care
Better Together Health 2016: Patient Expectations and The Accountability Gap
Learn How Team-based Care Coordination Helped Jenny's Chronic Condition
Better Together Health 2016: Patient Expectations and The Accountability Gap
Better Together Health 2015
High Tech and High Touch:
Patient Physician Relationships in the New Millennium

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The Voices of Patients

Why is there no shared vision of an ideal American healthcare system among consumers?

The system is fragmented and is not patient-centered. Join us at Better Together Health, where where we share real patient stories and discuss ways to fix the problems.

The Voices of Physicians

What is the physician’s role in the new technologically-enabled healthcare world?  The patient-physician relationship is changing. At Better Together Health, we hear how doctors and care providers work together to innovate and improve in order to better serve their patients.

The Ears of Policymakers and Payers

What really works for patients and medical caregivers?  What really impacts care quality, cost and efficiency at the patient/physician level?  Attend Better Together Health—listen and learn.

The American Healthcare System: Better Together

Neither the quality of American healthcare or its exorbitant cost can be improved without systemic and cultural change. And change can not be sustained without the acceptance and support of both patients and providers. The Better Together Health events strive to elevate these voices as we work to find solutions for our shared concerns about American healthcare.

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