Robert Pearl, MD, speaking at Better Together Health 2015
2015 event panel discussion with Janet Marchiboda and Steven Green, MD
Audience watching patient video stories at Better Together Heatlh 2015
Robert Pearl, MD, William Conway, MD, and David Goldhill at Better Together Health 2015
Steven Green, MD, Wolter, MD, Nash, MD, Chenven, MD, William Conway, MD, Laura Fegraus, Robert Pearl, MD, Brian Rank, MD, and Karen Cabell, DO

Better Together Health Events

The Council of Accountable Physicians Practices believes that in order for the U.S. healthcare system to improve, we need to showcase the best practices of American physician-led medical groups today and to create a forum where physicians and patients can talk about the advancements that could be made if barriers to system improvement can be addressed.

We believe that healthcare quality can only improve when the various parts of the system work better together.  We welcome partnerships with like-minded organizations for future events.

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