2015 event panel discussion with Janet Marchiboda, Steven Green, MD; Brian Rank, MD; Robert Pearl, MD; William Conway, MD, and David Goldhill

Better Together Health

Better Together Health is a project of the Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP).  CAPP — an affiliate of the American Medical Group Foundation — is a consortium of some of the nation’s most prominent physician-led health systems and medical groups. We have long been engaged in educating American consumers and policymakers about accountability in healthcare, the value of the multi-specialty medical group model, and the need for robust delivery system reform.

Two Important Voices — Patients and Physicians

We continue to observe a persistent knowledge gap and low expectations surrounding the transformation in the care available to consumers in the post-ACA environment. Additionally, we are concerned that two important voices — the patient’s and the physician’s — are conspicuously absent in the national dialogue.

As physicians and healthcare providers working in organized multi-specialty medical groups and health systems, we are committed to bringing the voices of physicians, care providers and patients to the forefront of the national conversation on healthcare reform. We believe that without considering our perspectives about how care is delivered,  America will be continue to be burdened with an expensive, fragmented system of healthcare. We believe that the status quo is not acceptable — and that patients and physicians are better together.

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